Can I buy parts if I don't want the whole car ?

No. You must purchase the whole vehicle. It is your responsibilty to remove it from our facility, then either register it in your name or legally dispose of it at a salvage yard after removing any parts you want to keep.
After purchasing a vehicle, do I receive a title ?

No, you will receive a bill of sale from us, along with the necessary lien paperwork that allows you to register the vehicle in your name with the DMV.
Can I test drive a lien sale vehicle ?

No. Liability issues prevent us from allowing you to test drive a vehicle. Also, there are no plates on the unit and it is not registered. We will start the vehicle for you and you can listen to it run.
What sort of payment do you accept ?

We will accept a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold a vehicle for an agreed upon amount of time, but not longer than 7 days. We accept all major credit cards, cashier's checks, money orders and of course, cash.
How long do I have to remove the vehicle I purchased ?

Vehicles must be removed from our facility the day they are purchased. Vehicles left on our property (not just in the impound yard) will be taken to the salvage yard and crushed with no refund issued.
Can I work on a vehicle on your property after purchasing it so that I can drive it away ?

No. We will provide a jump if our tow truck is on the premises. Otherwise you must push the unit off of our property or pay us to tow it to your property.
What if I can't remove the vehicle ?

We will tow the vehicle to anywhere in city limits for $50.
I lost the lien paperwork you gave me, what do I do now ?

There is a $25 fee for processing a request for duplicate paperwork. Duplicate paperwork is just what it means, DUPLICATE. We will not remake paperwork to any individual other than the one noted in our records. Requests for duplicate paperwork are usually filled within seven (7) days. Payment must be made in advance.
Is there a limit to the number of vehicles I can purchase ?

North State Tow, Inc. does not limit the number of vehicles you purchase, but there may be restrictions according to DMV on the number of vehicles you purchase and sell every year without obtaining a dealer's license.
Is there any warranty for the vehicle I purchase ?

NONE. Vehicles bought from North State Tow, Inc. are AS-IS. There is no warranty expressed or implied, all sales are final.
Is there a salvage title on the lien sale vehicles ?

DMV has the history of the vehicle. If there was a salvage title it will be on the lien sale packet. You can also run a vehicle history check numerous places, including dmv with the use of a credit card